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Nashville Metro Council District 4 Issues 

"I am Davette Blalock, and I am running for Metro Council District 4.  I have served two terms on Metro Council, representing District 27, from 2011-2019. I am a strong advocate for responsible development, traffic calming, and a government that works for the people."
Davette Blalock Stands Up for You

Our district has one of the lowest crime rates in the city. But we don’t just stay in our district, and crime is still an issue in this city. I believe we need to fully fund our police and fire departments, and provide our police officers and firefighters the pay they deserve. We also need to be more proactive against crime by creating more opportunities for children to avoid bad outcomes, like providing more youth jobs in the POWER youth summer employment initiative I helped to start while on Council.  We also need to make arts, sports and other activities enjoyable and connecting, and make them available to all. Finally, we have too many people on the margins of society who struggle with mental health issues. We must do a better job of bringing non-profits and current government programs together to maximize counseling and asssistance.


We need to pull our non-profits together and focus on providing the services our kids need in order that they may learn. The school board has the primary responsibility for educating Nashville public school students, while the Metro Council only funds the Metro Schools. I have an excellent working relationship with the current school board members and will continue to work with them to address all the unique issues facing Nashville's children.


I support the widening of Nolensville Pike and OHB, with traffic calming including speed cushions where wanted by local neighborhoods. I will also work with the state legislators, to give street racing and similar irresponsible actions a higher level of enforcement and punishment. 

Responsible Development

I believe that we need to develop our community responsibly, in ways that protect our environment, our existing neighborhoods, and promote our area's special quality of life. I will work to ensure that every new proposed development project is fully considered publicly, in the clear light of day with your concerns taken to heart.

Affordable Housing

I will work with private partnerships to meet the needs of our residents, especially the elderly, to reevaluate the eligibility of the tax relief.  I want to increase the Barnes Housing Fund and bring together non-profits and for-profits, including the many home builders with whom I have a working relationship, with a common goal of building affordable housing.


My Dad use to say, "Two things are certain, my dear: death and taxes ... and no one wants to do either!"


I consider that my job as a Councilmember is to make sure that our taxes are spent where they will best serve our District and the city as a whole. I will bring the budget to you each year, and we will meet to discuss it, and we will work on finding ways to keep those taxes as low as possible! Also, since revenue in Nashville is going up, we should have a goal date for having a balanced budget, to pay off our existing debt.

I have solid relationships with many state representatives and senators, and plan on working with them to help ease the pain of overreach in affordable housing, increasing fines for some violations, and just simply helping to heal the relationship between Nashville and the State. I have either served with or met all of the candidates running for Mayor this year, and I already have a great working relationship with all of them. No matter who wins, I look forward to working closely with the new mayor, in helping to restore more responsible management of Nashville while still procuring the things we need in our district.

Thank you for your consideration,
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