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Vote Davette Blalock

I am excited to announce that I am running for re-election to Metro Council. I have used my hiatus from public service to focus on my family, but I have never stopped listening to and serving my community. I am rested and ready to make a difference for you on the core issues that increase our quality of life.

Why am I running? The Metro Council is my Passion!


  • I miss working for my constituents by thoroughly vetting all the deals, propositions, zoning changes, budgeting requirements, needs, and wants affecting the neighborhood making up our community.

  • I miss talking to my neighbors about what is important to them and then working to get those needs and desires met.  

  • I miss educating my district about every vote I make, so that they understand me and provide needed feedback.

  • I miss helping my community by organizing events that connect us.

  • I miss the hard work but then seeing long-lasting results that improve our neighborhoods and our city. 


A lot of people might say I’m crazy for wanting to be back on the Council, especially in these contentious times, but that is actually what motivates me.  I am a peacemaker who strives to bring people together to get things done.  For instance, we must work on narrowing the divide between City Hall and the State Capitol.  I want to see things completed, like those that were started by Councilmember Swope: the widening of Nolensville Pike & Old Hickory Boulevard, and the park and roundabout on Edmondson Pike.

I want to hear from each and every one of you about what would make your life better.  I will always be just a phone call, text, or email away.  I will answer my phone and welcome meetings.

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