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 I am a strong advocate for responsible development, traffic calming, and a government that works for the people.


My name is Davette Blalock, and I am asking for your vote for Metro Council District 4. With my prior experience serving on the Metro Council from 2011-2019 in what was then District 27 (Edmondson Pk, Nolensville Pk, Tusculum Rd, Old Hickory Blvd area), I am well equipped to make a positive impact on our district.  I have lived in the district for over 30 years.  My husband, Brian, and I are both graduates of Overton High School.  I am a hard-working community member with a proven track record of success.


During my previous term as a Council Member, I was able to achieve several significant accomplishments that directly benefited our community. Here are just a few examples:


✅ Supporting Our Police: Opened the new police precinct on Murfreesboro Pike and supported the first DNA crime lab in Metro.

✅ Enhancing Safety: I  worked towards making our streets safer by implementing measures such as adding stop signs, stop lights (e.g., Edmondson and Huntington), turning lanes (e.g., into Ellington), and speed cushions.

✅ Fiscal Responsibility: As a staunch advocate for fiscal responsibility, I voted against the highest tax rate increase, ensuring that our hard-earned money remains in our pockets.

✅ Support for Local Businesses: I played a pivotal role in starting and consistently funding the Nashville Entrepreneur Center to support local small businesses and provide them with the necessary resources to succeed.

✅ Protecting Senior Citizens: I strongly supported the senior property tax freeze, recognizing the importance of ensuring our seniors can afford to stay in their homes and thrive in our community.

✅ Fair Compensation for Metro Employees: I fought for fair compensation for all Metro Employees, including our valued teachers, police officers, and firefighters, by advocating for consistent raises.

✅ Advocating for Community Spaces: As a champion of community spaces, I led the effort to establish the Pitts Park Dog Park, providing a safe and enjoyable space for our furry friends and their owners.

✅ Preserving Our Neighborhoods: I created one of the largest zoning policies in order to protect our community from "tall skinnies" and maintain the character of our neighborhoods.

I understand that the issues of low taxes, improved infrastructure, quality education, support for essential services, addressing homelessness and mental health, and affordable housing are long-standing challenges that require dedicated and experienced leadership. While these important issues cannot be resolved overnight, I have made progress in these areas and have demonstrated my commitment to longterm solutions through my involvement in the Affordable Housing Committee and the Metro Action Committee.

With my passion and institutional knowledge, I am eager to continue serving our community and to bring my expertise back to the Metro Council. I believe in the power of collaboration and ensuring that the voice of every resident is heard.

I kindly request your support and vote for me, Davette Blalock, at the Edmondson Pike Library this week. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future for our district.


Davette, a former Nashville councilwoman, championed one of the city's largest downzonings to protect her district's beloved neighborhood from the construction of "tall skinnies."

Additional Highlights

Pitts Park

The new Pitt's Park Dog Park!

Water Tower

The new water tower on Ocala Dr.


More than $1,800,000 in sidewalk improvements.


The traffic light at Edmonson & Huntington.

  • Over $1,600,000 in storm water projects.
  • More than 400 pothole and rough pavement repairs.
  • Turning lane into Ellington
  • 6 new bike lanes
  • 50 neighborhood clean-ups / beautification
  • 24 traffic projects 
  • 14 paving projects totaling 21.2 miles

Early Voting Schedule

Edmonson Pike Library

MON, Aug 28 & Sept 4, 8-5:30

TUE, Aug 29 & Sept 5, 8-7:00
ug 30 & Sept 6, 8-4:30
THUR, Aug 31 & Sept 7, 8-7:00
FRI, Aug 25 & Sept 1/8, 8-5:30
SAT, Aug 26 & Sept 2/9, 8-4:30

Election Day

September 14


June 23, 2023

Brenda Haywood endorses Davette Blalock.
Deputy Mayor of Community Engagement endorses Davette Blalock.

June 22, 2023

Jason Potts endorses Davette Blalock.
Former councilman and state representative, Jason Potts, endorses Davette Blalock.

June 15, 2023

Robert Nash, Vice Chair of the Metro Council Transportation Committee, endorses Davette Blalock.
Current Councilman Robert Nash of District 27 endorses Davette Blalock.

June 1, 2023

Randy Foster endorses Davette Blalock.
Former councilman Randy Foster endorses Davette Blalock for District 4.


May 15, 2023

Robert Swope endorses Davette Blalock.
Today 2-term and sitting councilman Robert Swope endorsed Davette Blalock for District 4.


May 10, 2023

Davette Blalock Announces Campaign for Metro Council District 4


Davette Blalock announced her candidacy for Nashville Metro Council District 4.

Nashville Metro Council
District 4 Map
(click to enlarge)


Nashville Metro Council District 4 is located in Southern Davidson County and includes residents of 37211 and 37027

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