I have been on the Metro Council for 5 years now.  I have 3 years to go before I am termed out.  I am very honored to serve each and every one of the people in District 27.  I have worked hard for my district.  I have learned an immense amount about Government and the people that live in our district.  I have loved serving my neighbors by getting codes issues taken care of to managing the city's budget to better insure Nashville's employee's are paid a deserving wage.  The first year on Council I started noticing many things in our local government that affect our daily lives but even though it was something the Council had to deal with, the Council has no power to make a change.  One of my biggest desires is to make the Codes Dept. better. Many times I went to make a change, I found out it was a State Issue and Council has no control.  I knew then running for State was in my future.  I have 3 more years on the Metro Council and I humbly ask for the opportunity to make a difference at the State level so I can make the changes that are needed at the Council level.  Metro Council is a part-time job.  State House Representative is a part-time job.  So Yes, I want to work full time on making Nashville and Tennessee the best place to live.  

When I ran for Metro Council last year in August I put on my website my campaign promises.  I will list them again here and prove where I have accomplished all but one (Nolensville Pike which I am in the process) in less than a year. 

Better Education

  • Listen to the local teachers, school administrators, and parents in order to better serve our needs.

I have worked with the school board to help choose the new Director of Schools.  I spent several hours a week at several schools listening to students, teachers, and parents.  

  • Work together with the School Board to help determine priorities for educational expenditures.

I voted to fully fund schools, and start a program to help put students in intern jobs.

Improve our Neighborhoods

  • Increase staff at the Codes Department for better enforcement of existing codes.

I voted to add 3 new people to the Codes Department

  • Beautify our district by working with Metro Works to remove clutter (brush removal, bulk item pick ups).

My family has personally picked up trash for hours at a time.  I have had numerous brush removal throughout our district.

  • Support churches and local groups to organize "work days" to help the schools, elderly and underprivileged.

I organized a group of teenagers and contractors to go out into the district and do 120 hours of free work to needy families.  

  • Make sure our creeks are protected and storm water is controlled.

I have supported a new study of a new company that has Nano technology to come in and clean our water ways.  I am really excited about this and looking forward to seeing the results.

Improve Communication between Metro Council and District Residents

  • Promise to be available and listen to your concerns.

I return every phone call and email I receive.  This will still continue if I am elected to State. 

  • Hold regular meetings to inform residents of current issues before the Council.

I have f elected to State I will hold a meeting before each session to hear what is important for you and what you will have me work on the next year. 

  • Send out monthly emails to alert residents of volunteers opportunities, free classes, and other activities.

I have continued to send out emails almost weekly.  This will continue and become even more interesting and informative if elected to State. 

  • Encourage unity with open communication of volunteer opportunities, free classes, and other activities.

I have organized the police and other Metro Departments to come to a join sponsored educational festival for our immigrant families.

  • My goal is to make this district the best area in Nashville to live and raise our children.

This is something that is never ending with each and every thing I do.  Our area is getting better daily.  

  • I want to make sure we are represented by someone who knows and loves Nashville. 

​This district has been my home for 30 years.  I meet new people in the district everyday.  There is simply no one more connected with the people and the needs of our district. 

Increase our Property Values

  • Aesthetically Revamp Nolensville Pike

Currently working on a UDO for the entire Pike

  • Update infrastructure (including sidewalks)

Approved a budget and plan for sidewalks in my district.  The new water tower is complete.  Several storm water issues have been resolved.  And there is a lot more to come in this area.  These items are extremely expensive and there are State grants that can be applied for and if I am elected to the State I will be able to pull for our District's needs. 

  • Support Small Business Innovation

I supported money to be given to the Chamber for their small business initiative.  I have supported the funds to assist the Empowerment Center and the Entrepreneurial Center.

  • Reduce City Debt and Making Sure our District's Needs Come First Before Downtown Big Ticket Items.

I voted against the Flood wall for downtown again this year.  I supported paying off over $18.6 million or 15% of revenue growth to our debt service this year.

Police and Public Safety

  • Increase Public Safety and reducing crime.

We have added new police officers and fireman in this new budget for 2017.  I have supported the Judge's Domestic Violence program and fully funded the extra money needed to incorporate this very desperately needed program.

  • Increasing Involvement in neighborhood watch programs

There is one new watch group starting up near Westcrest Dr. so stay tuned.  I am looking forward to the first meeting!

  • Increase police presence.

Along with adding new officers, I have been to a roll call before the police shift began and asked the officers to please stay on certain streets at certain times.  I have also had several discussions with individual officers including the chief about the need for speeding enforcement in our area.  I have seen the officers in our area more.  There is still a lot of work to be done in this area but I know we have one of the best police departments in the Country!

  • Decrease Police response time for our District.

I supported the increase in pay for the police officers and all of metro employees.  This builds moral and also helps with hiring more seasoned and new career police officers.  I also support the addition of the new police precinct near Murfreesboro Pike which will help split up the precincts and give less area for the officers to cover in their shift.

I have been working hard for you and if you allow me the opportunity, I will work hard for you at the State as well!