Nolensville Pike Upgrade

When I ran for Metro City Council I had several things I wanted to get done and the major one was to upgrade Nolensville Pike.  It needs a more pristine landscape and to greatly improve traffic flow while attracting more mainstream business types to the area.  I ran in to the problem of funding to accomplish my goals.  The state and city share in the funding for upgrading the road.  If elected to the State House I will be able to push a bill for funding the road work needed.

Currently, in the Council I am working on a bill that will create a UDO (Unified Developement Ordiance) for Nolensville Pike. You will be invited to a series of meetings to help design the plan.  I hope you will attend and share with me all your desires for Nolensville Pike.  Please like me on Facebook to keep up with future meetings or feel free to email me and I will put you on my email update list. 

I have been able to accomplish all my Metro City Council campaign promises except the upgrade of Nolensville Road, which is another main reason I am running for the State house seat.  I am committed to fulfilling my commitments to my constituents that voted for me to serve them.  I can't rest until I have accomplished the mission.