I have a strong belief that citizens have certain inalienable rights and rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will, within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

One thing that disturbs me deeply is when local, state, and federal government infringes on individual "unalienable rights" by trying to convert those rights that are endowed to us by our creator to a "privilege" issued exclusively by the government and for a "price."

This was exactly what our founding fathers were trying to protect us from in the "Constitution and the Bill of Rights."

Government’s obligation is to administer the power awarded it by democratic vote. Government has no right to usurp power from the people to expand it’s own power.  Within my power as a State Representative, I intend on preventing that occurrence regardless how it would be veiled as to justify that government action.

I believe the central role of any government is to resolve disputes of the citizenry, and protect and defend the individual rights of the minorities against the selfish interest of the majority.

I am convinced by experience that individual liberties are the fruit of political equality. When the economic ambition of business trespasses on individual rights, the power of arbitration invested in government must preside over, and resolve issues of individual liberty.  This must be handled in a very careful and precise application of ethics as to not produce winners and losers, but fairness to both parties.

There are many statewide issues that are brought to the house for vote that will effect many millions of lives.  I have a special interest in bringing about positive results that I believe are essential to improve the lives of Nashville residents that I will be serving by representing their needs and desires in the State House.


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