Eliminating Professional Privilege Taxes and other Regulations

Below is a list of Professional Privilege taxes that are levied each year by the State on hard working professionals that serves no public benefit whatsoever and is just a revenue generating stream for increasing State power.  This is presently a $400 dollar a year unnecessary fee that serves no purpose and puts another economic hardship on business to the tune of $27 million dollars per year for the State.  If elected I will fight to eliminate this tax burden on professionals.

This is the perfect example how the State government converts an "Individual Right" in to a "privilege" and then charges a person for the privilege.  This Tax is called a "Professional Privilege Tax."  The very name of it identifies it for what it is.  In ten years this fee amounts to $4,000, 20 years $8,000, 30 years $12,000.  And if you invested that $400 a year @ 5% in 30 years it would be worth $27,904 for your retirement.

Tennessee doesn't have a state income tax, instead we have a very high sales tax.  So the Professional Privilege Tax is just a "sneaky" way to tax labor under a different name.  This law discriminates by taxing one group and not another.  Unlawful in its practice. Unconstitutional for infringing on a an "individual Right" to earn a living without government restraint.  (If I can't pay the tax, I can't legally work.)

Professional Privilege Tax

If you are licensed or registered to practice any one of the following professions in Tennessee, you must register for and pay the professional privilege tax.  If you are registered or licensed to practice in more than one of the following professions, you are only required to pay the $400 tax once per year.

Accountant                                                                                    Lobbyist
Agent (Securities)                                                                         Optometrist
Architect                                                                                       Osteopathic Physician
Attorney                                                                                        Pharmacist
Audiologist                                                                                   Physician
Broker-Dealer                                                                               Podiatrist
Chiropractor                                                                                 Psychologist
Dentist                                                                                          Real Estate Principal Broker
Engineer                                                                                       Speech Pathologist
Investment Advisor                                                                      Sports Agent
Landscape Architect                                                                     Veterinarian-

See more at: https://www.tn.gov/revenue/topic/professional-privilege-tax#sthash.iyq4TMxe.dpuf

Many States are using primitive laws that are redundant and actually get in the way of providing an environment that nourishes economic prosperity for individual flourishing.  In other words, they become the problem and not the solution.  Also, we have a long menu of new laws that are rapidly becoming economically unsustainable and paralyzing economic prosperity and making the American Dream more unattainable for millions.

For example;  A new law is enacted and then requires a complete new brigade of people to enforce it and collect the taxes to pay the salaries of these folks.  This is not my idea of "job creation."  This is just a deceptive way to expand government power and reduce individual liberty.  In a recent research study, 1 out of 5 people or 20% of the U.S. population work for local, state, or federal governments.  Another 20% are employed by industries that feed off of government as suppliers of products and services as a result of regulations and laws they enact.  

If elected to the Tennessee House, I pledge to fight against the red tape for new business start ups, and filter every single bill brought to the house for a vote, through the lens of individual rights, and not government expansion.