Davette Blalock

Council Member for District 27


Although I am interested in all the issues in District 27, I am particularly interested in the following:   

Police and Public Safety:

  • Increase public safety and reducing crime by being involved in neighborhood watch programs.
  • Increase police presence. 
  • Increase police response time for our district.     
Schools and Education:

  • Embrace the New Standards for Education.
  • Listen to the local teachers, school administrators, and parents in order to better serve our needs.
  • Work together with the School Board to help determine priorities for educational expenditures. 
Improve our Neighborhoods:    
  • Increase staff at the Codes Department for better enforcement of existing codes.  
  • Beautify our district by working with Metro Works to remove clutter (brush removal, bulk item pick up) from our district. 
  • Support churches and local groups to organize "work days" to help the schools, elderly and underprivileged.
  • Make sure our creeks are protected and storm water is controlled.
Improve Communication between Metro Council and District Residents:   

  • Promise to be available and listen to your concerns.
  • Hold regular meetings and send out monthly emails to inform residents of current issues before the council.  Together we can make District 27’s voice heard.
  • Send out monthly emails to alert residents of volunteer opportunities, free classes, and other activities in the district. 
  • Encourage unity with open communication in our schools, neighborhoods, and with law enforcement.

My goal is to make this district the best area in Nashville to live and raise our children.  I want to make sure we are represented by someone who knows and loves Nashville.

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